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MESMAC International Conferences

The last five decades have been witnessing a remarkable and glorious transformation in the educational upbringing of the Muslims in Kerala, traditionally the most backward community in education. The driving force behind this envious achievement has been the committed and tiring toil of THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (MES). The movement started under the great leadership of late Dr. P.K.Abdul Gafoor in 1964 at Calicut, wholeheartedly supported by a large number of professionals and businessmen and in a short span of time this great movement had its branches spread to all districts in Kerala. As on today, it is the largest Educational organization in our nation with a strength of more than 20,000 active members, 85,000 students and staff members numbering 15000.

MES Institutions

  • 18 Arts & Science Colleges
  • 10 Professional Institutions
  • 12 Higher Secondary Schools
  • 36 CBSE Schools
  • 74 Other Institutions

MES Mampad College

MES Mampad College has stood the test of time. Into the fifty-first year, the biggest higher education campus in the Malappuram District with a sprawling campus has been leading the March of the underprivileged section into education and   Empowerment. The journey which began for MES Mampad College as a small institution in 1965 is now crowned with the conferring of autonomy for the College. With its poly foci on the different facets of student lives, MES Mampad has risen to be the cream among the Colleges of the Malabar region. With its massive presence in the two big corollaries of academia, arts and sports, MES Mampad has time and again emphasised the holistic ecosystem of the teaching learning it espouses. 

Conference Leadership

Chief Patrons

Dr. Fazal Gafoor, President, MES
Dr. P. K. Abdul Azis


Prof. P. O. J. Lebba
Prof. Kadavanad Mohammed
Mr. E. P. Moyinkutty
Prof. O. P. Abdurahiman

Conference Chair

Dr.Babu P.K, Principal


Mr.Abdul Vahid.K
(Dept of Islamic History)

Dr.Mehr Al Minnath
(PG Dept of Chemistry)

(Dept of English)

(PG & Research Dept of Zoology)

MESMAC Conferences

As part of the efforts to take the academic endeavors and reach of the institution to the next level, we are launching annual international conference from the academic year 2016-17. MESMAC International Conferences are  marked to be events of global quality where the leading thinkers, writers, scientists, statesmen and community leaders come together to interact with, empower and lead the young generations. The Conference of this series to be held in February 2017 will anchor on the theme, 'ECOLOGIES OF THE NEW: MIND, MATTER AND BODY'. The Conference will be a showcase of the existing and emerging thought pathways with guaranteed presence of leading voices of the era.

MESMAC Conference 2017-18

Ecology, in its most recent declensions, is about the correlation between organism and its interactions with the world around it, which can encompass every branch of knowledge under it. Ecology can probe disciplines like Arts, Science and Philosophy, as all these systems of knowledge can expound relationship between human beings and it environment. Dramatically widening beyond its basic modes and varying permutations, ecologies are being thought and argued into newer constellations, branching off and flowing rhizomatically into the territories which till recently were marked off as water-tight compartments. Driven by the rising tide of globalization on the one hand and digitalization on the other, all realms of study are reaching out and connecting to broader ecologies, spawning new discourses such as digital humanities. These proliferating forms of shifting ecologies produce innovative conceptions of the new in fields of study related to mind, power, media, technology, values. Apart from the cybernetic natural state to which many of us would (love to) believe that we are heading, there are a number of interlocked, interpenetrating ecologies which express the overlaps and entanglements. These New Ecologies are made possible because of a seminal rethink in terms of philosophy and definition of systems. Research papers are invited from areas that innovate, interrogate and enlarge the traditional disciplines. Conference aims to emphasize the ‘New’ in ecologies of Arts, Humanities, Science and Philosophy in the context of the current technological environment. The second MESMAC International Conference on ‘Ecologies of the New: Mind, Matter and Body’ will bring to discussion the novel criss-crosses and overlaps across disciplines and subjects in these times. The way in which new permutations are merging, for instance, between sustainability and technology, beauty and power, art and body makes this self-evident. Ecologies of the New will enquire into these emerging clusters of ideas. The Conference seeks to bring to discussion the novel bridges connecting and expanding the traditional disciplines. Perspectives which foreground the efforts at creating new inter-subjective bonds with a view to reemphasize bring to being new thematic family trees are welcome. 

MESMAC FEST is an open opportunity to the talented film makers from across the Universities and Media colleges to showcase their new definitions on short films. This festival is an expedition towards changing paradigms of Cinema, blending the new metaphysical discourses from its conception to making and dissemination, redefining the tenets of traditional climate for film making. If you have a new design and form, a short film with difference, THEN RUSH YOUR ENTRIES to the forthcoming festival! Students and freelance Directors are requested to make their entry before 1st of January 2018.Click here for details



Places To See

Conolly’s Plot

This preserved plot has the world's oldest planted teak tree referred to as Giant Teak. A part of the oldest teak plantation is retained here. 2 km from Nilambur town. The plot was named in memory of H.V.Conolly, the Malabar District Collector during British rule. 

Aruvacode Pottery Village

It also known as ‘Kumbham’ is famous for its mural works in clay. Artist Jinan has made this pottery village famous.

The Teak Museum

The only one of its kind in India, is maintained by the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), giving information about teak, and the forest produce in general.  A Bio Resources Park is also attached to it. It is situated 4 km from Nilambur

Adyan Para Waterfalls

few kilometres away on the other side of Chaliyar , it is situated 14 km from Nilambur


in the Nilambur reserve forest, is 18 km from Nilambur. This region has an Iron bridge, clear waters, tomb of Mr.Dawson (British forest Engineer) and a forest wooden rest house. One can have a close look at the Elephant Training Centre, run by the Forest Department

Banglavu Kunnu

famous for its winding road where ayurvedic herbs are planted on both the sides. Forest Officers Bungalows were located here.

Places To Stay

RUBY ESTATE, Mampad PO,Nilambur, 676542 Ph: +919447705538

GREAT HORNBILL RESORT , T.K. Colony | Pookkottumpadom, Nilambur
674 332 Ph: +919142797190

TAMARIND KTDC HOTEL, Karimpuzha, Chungathara, 679334
Ph: +914931 232 000

PUTHIYAKOVILAKOM HERITAGE HOME STAY, Palace Road, Nilambur 679329 Ph: +91 4931 222343/ +91 9446332500

EADENS HERMITAGE (Homestay) Mundukkottakal Gardens | Main Road, Nilambur Ph: +914931220208

NILAMBUR MANOR HOTEL Peevees Arcade, Ooty Road, Nilambur Ph: +914931 221 982/ +914931 221 983

The articles can cut across disciplines and connect to the core themes at any level. Inter-disciplinarity is promoted. The scientific disciplines can be linked to the Conference theme.The abstracts are to be submitted online.  


Last Date of Paper submission : OCT-30-2017
(for publication)
Last date of paper submission : NOV-30-2017
(for presentation only)


Announcement of the conference : 18-FEB 2017
Conference dates : 09, 10, 11 JANUARY 2018


Nearest railway station: Nilambur Railway Station
Nearest airport: Kozhikode International Airport, about 50 kms.

Pay and Register

Call for Papers

The topics, though not strictly restricted to, may be related to the areas suggested below:

  • Philosophy and Contemporaneity
  • Philosophy of Representations
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Gender, Culture and Representation
  • Under-represented Gender Groups
  • Sexual Politics
  • Gender and Ecology
  • Discourse and Contemporaneity
  • Digital Literatures
  • Semiotics of Ecology
  • Diaspora and Transnationalism
  • Ethnicity and Subaltern
  • New Literatures
  • Normal and Paranormal
  • Story Telling, Identity and Contemporary Politics
  • Interdisciplinarity in Literature
  • Adaptations and Appropriations
  • Fandom and Stardom
  • Performance and Politics
  • Short Films and Representation
  • Film and Popular Culture
  • Film and Ecology
  • New Literatures in Arabic
  • Culture and Aesthetics
  • Arab Revolutions and Social Movements
  • Women's Writing
  • Short Stories
  • History and Interdisciplinarity
  • Politics of Histories
  • Subaltern Approaches to History
  • Ethnography
  • Contemporary India and outerworld
  • Islam and Hinduism
  • Ecological Approach to Design
  • Expression of New in Design and Structure
  • Public Sphere and Media Values
  • Social Media Ethics
  • Media Technologies and Processes
  • You Tube Discourses
  • Dynamical systems
  • Discrete mathematics and applications
  • Algebra
  • Computational mathematics and Soft Skills
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Statistics.
  • Topology
  • Combinations
  • Number theory
  • Life on Land (UN-SDG 15th Goal)
  • Food for Health
  • Functional foods
  • Food Economics
  • New Directions in Physical Education
  • Nanomaterials
  • Thin Films
  • Crystal growth
  • Spectroscopy
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Nuclear and Radiation Physics
  • Space and Astrophysics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Tourism
  • Innovations in Banking Technology
  • IFRS
  • Innovations in Finance
  • Chemistry for Future
  • Globalization versus Protectionism
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Heterodox Economics
  • Economics of Digitalisation and Digital Economy
  • Human Development for Every One
  • Politics, Policy and State in the Global Era
  • Nationalism and Implications
  • Politics of Representation
  • ART
  • Art and Technology
  • Art and New Expressions
  • Art and Ecology
  • Interdisciplinarity in Art

How to contact

Mail us: mail@mesmac.in
Call us: 91 9447636588